These lambskin coats add beauty, elegance, and warmth to your look.
Every piece of product pass through my hands in order to give the best quality to our customers.


Lambskin coats are the most sophisticated items as they require high proficiency.  There are many old style, classical shaped coats that never go out of fashion. We try to transfer these features into the coats with youthful lightness. Therefore, we were able to create a special design of our collection that achieved success as customers visit us from all over the world.


'Pilot' lambskin jacket - 06Male-Female lambskin coats Female lambskin waistcoatsFemale lambskin waistcoats Female lambskin capsFemale lambskin caps
Lambskin glovesLambskin gloves HeadbandHeadband Male lambskin capMale lambskin cap
Lambskin rugLambskin rugs and car seats, fine fur lambskins,
headbands, collars and other products made of lambskin


My own products are lighter,
softer with the sense of velvet and they were made with special fur brightening technology.


Hand-embroidered lambskin coat:

It is high time to talk about the embroidered lambskin coats, too.  Our country has a special and unique motif heritage of folk embroidery. Besides textiles most of these embroidery also decorated the lambskin coats and ‘ködmön’.  So we would like to keep these wonderful motifs alive. This is truly a treasure, but undeservedly few people pay attention to it. All embroidery on our coats are hand-made.


Our past can be found in every model.


Short 'Anett’ lambskin coat with embroidery

The following products were juried and qualified as real folk artworks:

It was juried by Folk Craftwork section of The Hungarian Heritage House.

“Anett” lambskin coat with “békési” embroidery (the middle one on the upper picture).
(MB 2056 2014)

“Emese” lambskin coat for kids.
(MB 2058 2014)

“Mente” decorated female lambskin waistcoat.
(MB 2057 2014 – the technical implementation is commendable)