Privacy policy for cookies!

Please note that this website uses cookies (in Hungarian: süti) to provide our services and improve the user experience and to measure the attendance of (hereinafter referred to as “website)!

The EU electronic communications privacy policy requires each website to ask for a contribution to place cookies on users’ computers.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of text files (information packs) that are generated on the website visitor’s computer, telephone or on any device that has Internet connection. A cookie is created by the web server with the help of the web browser and (if cookies are accepted from the website) they are stored in a separate library for a shorter or longer period of time. Cookies contain only data that does not contain any virus or executable code. Only the website that created them can read them. Mostly they are used to identify and track the users of the website.

Types of cookies

Session cookie
It is one of the most basic type of cookies. They are needed to maintain the basic browsing processes such as navigation, operation on the website and getting access to secured content. The expiration date is only valid for your current visit. By the end of working session or closing the browser they are deleted automatically from your computer. They do not collect any personal information about you to identify you in any case.

Persistent cookie
Persistent cookies will remain on your computer until the end of their lifetime or until they are deleted from your computer. It is often used to manage user settings for a longer period of time. Cookies associated with that website are activated every time you visit the website.

Cookies used on this website
(updated: 03 June 2020)

Necessary cookies

We use the given cookies to maintain the browsing processess, operation and getting access to secured content. If you do not allow the use of these cookies you will not be able to fully use this website or the site will work differently than planned in your browser.

  Name of cookies Description Establishing
(cookie group)
Legal Basis for data processing: The 2001 CVIII Law on Electronic Commerce Services and Information Society Services. Law 13 / A. § (3).
Session cookie The website uses for identification through working process and it is essential to to ensure the proper functioning of the website.
They can be:
– user input cookies
– authentication cookies
– multimedia player session cookie
– load balancing session cookies
– user interface customization cookies session
This cookie is used to identify the acceptance of privacy policy in connection with the use of cookies. It is created when you accept or reject privacy information about cookie storage in the pop up window. It is true if you stated that you accept the website and third-party cookies. It is false if you stated that you only accept the cookies which are strictly necessary for the website operation. 30 days
pll_language This cookie is used to maintain language settings on the website in order to make the website appear in the language and format you have set. 1 day
Cookies associated with the administrative interface of the content management system If you have a user account (so you are the website administrator)and you log in to this site the content management system will set up temporary cookies to determine if your browser accepts cookies. These cookies do not contain personal information and they are deleted as you close the browser. When you log in to the website several cookies are stored which will save login information and editing options. Log-in cookies are valid for two days while editing option cookies are valid for a year.

As long as you press the „remember me” button your log-in will continue for two weeks. If you log out the log-in cookies will be removed. If you edit a  post or a page a new cookie will be stored by your browser. This cookie does not contain personal information it simply stores the registration number of the post that you edit. It’s validity expires after a day.
Marketing Cookie-k
Name of cookies Description Establishing
(cookie group)
Legal basis for data processing Lifetime
The tools of ShareThis allow users to share  news, photos, videos and other content on websites, blogs and popular social networks. These cookies are not able to identify you. They contain dates and information about site visits and social sharing. All data is stored on the ShareThis server.

To learn more about ShareThis privacy policy please click on the link below: ShareThis Privacy Policy

Posts available on the website may use embedded content (for example: videos, pictures, articles etc.) These embedded contents form an external source behaves exactly as we visited an other website.
These sites may collect data from visitors and they may use cookies or third-party tracking code. They monitor user’s behavior on embedded content if we have a user account and we are logged in.
NID Most of the Google user browsers store the cookie named NID which is connected to settings. Your browser send this cookie with the requests for Google sites. The NID cookie contains a unique identifier that Google uses for your preferences such as the prefers language (like Hungarian) the number of search results you want to display (for example 10 or 20) or whether you enable the Google Safe Search Filter. This cookie is also used to store other datas. Your contribution 6 months
TapAd_DID It identifies what kind of devices you are using (smart phones, tablets. Tv and so on). Your contribution 2 months
TapAd_TS It identifies what kind of devices you are using (smart phones, tablets. Tv and so on). 2 months
To learn more about Types of cookies used by Google please click on the link below: Types of cookies used by Google
Cookies from third- party

All cookies belong to this group which were not created by the currently visited website but is activated by another party through the website.
Please note that this website can contain links to third- party resources that also use cookies but we do not have any control over them. These cookies are set by a third (independent) party which means that this website does not have any access. These can be cookies created for sharing on social network sites Addthis, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, but this can be a simple Google map also.
If you only allow the required cookies the applications connected to these cookies will be disabled. You have the right to block third party cookies from your browser’s settings (see Enabling, Limiting, or Blocking Cookies).


By pressing the “Yes, I accept” button you agree to use cookies. If you agree to use only the cookies required for  the operation of the website please choose the “No, thanks” option.

If you do not want to accept the use of the cookies connected to this website you can also configure the web browser to prevent the store of cookies or give you information about the storage of cookies.

How can I cancel my contribution?

When you accept or reject the privacy policy about using cookies the browser will store cookies on your computer or any other device so that the website will be able to recognise your settings. This decision can be modified any time.
If you would like to reset your statement (cookie life) and delete all cookies from your computer you can do so in the browser’s cookie management settings. (see: enabling, limiting or blocking cookies)

Enable, restrict or prohibit cookies

You can change the settings of using cookies, but it may adversely affect the operation of the browsed website. Every browser works different, so you have to check the help menu of your browser for the right set-ups.

You can get further information about cookie-settings of some browsers by the following links:

Please note that some cookie used by our website aims at providing and helping the operation of our services. It may occur that you will not be able to use our website completely or the website will work unplanned if you prohibit the use of cookies.